MAY 2016

Since the creation of the band, we have always tried to explore new horizons, not repeting ourselves. But in the electro pop of the beginning, in the trip hop and post rock of the following albums and in the rock of our last EP, the melody, the songs were always at the center, at the core. Recently, some acoustic shows made us realized that we have never explored this path : just the songs, naked, like they were born, like we would like them to be discovered. This is why we would like our fans to be part of this new project, we would like them to see it flourish, grow up and mature. That is why the idea of crowdfunding was logical, and they were no better place than Microculture to make it happen. So here is the project, it's only waiting for you on


21/06 : Fête de la musique à Vanves
21/06 : Librairie Le Livre Ecarlate



Electric Fantastic Sound (May 2007):

Mainly guitardriven pop with some electronic backgrounds, 16 Pac's music is probably best placed in the same category as Björk or Portishead. Not an album for your party, but maybe for the afterparty? more

Past All Concerns (December 2006):

Endless Work In Progress describes and helps us understand feelings that other musics can only attempt to reach; one feels less alone while listening to it and finds  comfort, and (often...) cries; and this music has to be respected and  admired, in silence... more

Subba-Cultcha (August 2006):

A voice that’s rich, soft, full of an emotional grace and emotionless poise when required. It has the breathless, floating jazz folk sound of Solid Air period John Marytyn minus the roughened edges. A wonderful sound, just searching for the songs to devastate you…more (February 2005):

Sporting a Portishead meets Morr Music kind of vibe, 16PAC combines heroin-chic poetry and vocal seduction with superbly crafted low-end melodies and glitchy, skeletal beats. Emotionally provocative and instantly accessible, 16PAC is the folk music of the fiber-optic generation. more

Connexion Bizarre (October 2004):

There are things we learn to like. more


Underwater Sessions EP - 2013 (10€) 

Down Under The Elevator - 2010 (10€) 

Endless Work In Progress - 2006 (10€) 

My Heart Is Full Of Music - 2003 (8€) 

The 16pack ! Our 4 albums for only 25€ 

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